Monday, May 5, 2014

Non-English Speakers Qualifying For Disability More Quickly

You have Sen Jeff Sessions to thank for bringing this loophole out into the light. The question you need to ask is who put this into the law putting preferential treatment non-English speaking social security benefit applicants over English speaking ones?

In general one would have to be in the US for quite sometime and paying into SS system to recover benefits. So you are left wondering who are these people that have been here so long that they still are not speaking English?? The answer is they are people who have not been here that long but enjoy benefits almost equal to someone who paid into the system for decades.

I have no doubt this loophole was created by a demoncrat as yet another lure to get illegals to flood our border. The SS system is unsustainable as it is the loophole just gives another window into how bad the system that will collapse when you add more to it who are not paying into it over a long period of time but will receive almost the same benefits like someone who has!

This this is one more example as to why no amnesty or immigration reform bill can be permitted to even come to the House floor for a vote.

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