Friday, May 2, 2014

Obama Pulls Race Card on Death Penalty After Botched OK Execution

Although obama points out the heinous crime committed by Clayton Lockett on Stephanie Neiman his majesty could not resist bringing race into the discussion on the death penalty:

“..we have seen significant problems.. racial bias, uneven application of the death penalty, situations in which there were individuals on death row who later on were discovered to have been innocent because of exculpatory evidence. And all these I think do raise significant questions about how the death penalty is being applied..."

What happened in OK reminded me of what happened after the disastrous execution from the Green Mile...
"Warden Hal Moores: Okay, boys, what in the hell happened?
Paul Edgecomb: An execution. A successful one.
Warden Hal Moores: How in the name of Christ can you call that a success?
Paul Edgecomb: Eduard Delacroix is dead."

Yes the execution of Lockett didn't go as planned but it had the same result as intended! Obama feeling the need to pull race into the discussion of the death penalty, how the process is determined as to who will be sentenced to death and how it will be carried out was uncalled for. But what do you expect from the divider and chief!

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