Monday, May 5, 2014

Propaganda Minister Refuses to Answer if White House Will Cooperate With Benghazi Investigation

Well now that is a bald face lie isn't it! The regime co-operated so much new documents out prove that emails released by them to congress had information within them redacted. Had it not been for Judicial Watch we wouldn't know this since Congress is so inept to getting to the truth.

If the Benghazi story is dead, if it is a such a waste of time and the definition of conspiracy why is this admin engaged in such a massive cloak and dagger act redacting and hiding documents? Why does the Propaganda Minister work so hard to dismiss it? Why have the other CIA operatives who were on scene in Benghazi been silenced and hidden away? If Benghazi is a dead horse why not allow the republicans to hang themselves pushing further investigations?

If you are innocent you should welcome an investigation proving what you have been saying all along is the truth. The truth is what this regime fears though because they have done one heck of a job hiding it. His majesty said it best...

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