Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Boehner: Senate Democrats Need to "Get Off Their Ass and Do Something" to Fund DHS

Every part of DHS is going to be funded with the exceptions of anything that has to do with obama's illegal executive amnesty. Let the truth be told through the votes that it is the dems and obama choosing not to fund DHS. Obama is on record over 22 times saying he doesn't have the legal authority to issue amnesty but did it anyway. Many dem senators came out against his illegal action yet they stand with the socialist party by refusing to join the repubs to fund DHS which will defund executive amnesty. Dem mentality is be loyal to the party even if it hurts the American people!

Now the repubs are no angels here. Sen Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's bluff needs to be called right now to or threaten to invoke the nuclear option! If he doesn't then it will be as clear as day that the repubs want amnesty as much as the dems.. make sense since majority of dems & reps are progressives. Why no one in the GOP hasn't said one word about the nuclear option is beyond me but actions speak louder than words. GOP is about to smoke itself out being scam artists we all know them to be.

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