Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Minister of Propaganda: Attack on Paris Jewish Deli Was ‘Random’

This clip is a perfect example why this man is labeled The Minister of Propaganda. There was absolutely nothing random about the attack on the Jewish Deli following the Charlie Hebdo office massacre. Obama knows exactly what he is saying, calling the attack random. The people may not have been targeted by name but it was a Kosher Deli, its safe to assume the people in the deli were Jewish!

Radical islamic militants want to pick up where Hitler and the Nazis left off killing all Jews. They are already committing genocide against Christians which is being completely ignored. There is no other conclusion to come to other than this regime is actively engaged in protecting radical islam. They more or less are getting their orders from the radical muslims at CAIR and in the Muslim Brotherhood who have infiltrated every level of govt.

Everyday this admin denies defends the actions of these radical jihadists the killers grow stronger. Obama considers himself a "big city mayor" fighting crime because he is downplaying terror threats as Ed Henry argues. The attacks will continue abroad as we wait for another large strike on US soil. ISIS, al Qaeda and countless other islamic terror groups are here. When they strike you can be sure the obama regime will trivialize the attackers as extremists committing cries vowing to go after all extremists. All as in anyone deemed an enemy by this administration because "something has to be done".

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