Tuesday, February 10, 2015

WOOHOO Jon Stewart is Retiring From the Daily Show!

(play these at the same time to get the full effect!)
Had to share the news that this POS, no talent, failed Hollywood comedic hack who needs 20 writers for a 20ish minute tv show is retiring! Stewart IMO is one of many directly responsible for misleading the public and warping the minds of the youth into liberal progressive propaganda. Why is he a hack? Have you seen his propaganda show? He failed as an actor and did what all progressives do who can't make it in their chosen profession in Hollywood, they get a "talk show" to viciously attack people and misinform the masses, calling what he does "comedy". Only comedy to uninformed class and radical progressives... whatever, good riddance, his final show can't come soon enough!

BTW have you noticed how many progs and mouthpieces of the left have retired or jumped ship since obama;s re-election? It's like mission accomplished and now it's okay for them to move on. They got the boy king elected twice pushing lies and misinformation, fundamental transformation is almost complete so there's no need for some people like Stewart to stay in play!

AV Club reports the news came during a taping of the Daily Show which appears to be confirmed by those present:

"...Jon Stewart has announced that he is stepping down as host of The Daily Show. According to sources who were there (some of whom are already passing word along on social media), Stewart let the news slip at the taping of today’s episode, telling those in the audience that he’s retiring...."

Update: Here's the official word from Comedy Central

Comedy Central Jon Stewart retiring

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