Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Obama: Media Absolutely Overstates Alarm on Terror Threat

Obama thinks all the threats the US is up against are overstated by the media in the name of ratings.

"If it bleeds, it leads.."

He is heavily engaged in completely dismissing genuine terror threats and the organizations behind them suggesting climate change is bigger threat than some islamic radicals running around trying to blow people up or chop their heads off! This is all part of fundamental transformation folks to even dismiss terrorism exists. Obama and his ilk want to treat terrorism as violent crimes to be handled by the criminal justice system vs military engagements. You have been warned here of the bigger picture when Josh Earnest pushed this dismissive narrative. WHEN we get hit and the people call for "something to be done" all extremists will be in the cross hairs for arrest and prosecution.

As for his claims of slashing poverty, helping farmers etc that is just more propaganda and lies frankly. The number of people in poverty and on food stamps remain at record levels while those farmers he says were helped launched a scandal (Pigford) the late Andrew Breitbart went after.

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