Sunday, February 8, 2015

Judge Pirro Rips Obama Over Comparing ISIS to Christianity at Prayer Breakfast

Judge Pirro as expected ripped into obama for defending radical islam by attacking Christians when he justified the actions of muslim extremists today to the Christian Crusade at the 2015 Prayer Breakfast.

Obama did the nation and the world a favor this week when he attacked Christians by name (for actions committed 1000 years ago) while refusing to identify muslim terrorists. That favor was to show he has no problem with the atrocities islamic radicals are committing on a daily basis. There should be no doubt now he is an islamist and anyone who challenges this theory is most likely an islamic jihadist appeasers too!

Obama's actions to deny muslim extremists while leaving the borders open, reducing our military and making a deal with Iran allowing them to continue with their nuclear weapons program demonstrates this nations security is of no concern. Where is Congress? Where are our military leaders to speak out against the dangers obama is putting us in? Sadly we will get hit again because this man is more concerned with his political enemies (TEA Party, Conservatives, republicans, Christians etc) than our mortal enemies who are hell-bent at world domination. If you ever wondered how people felt during the 1930's as the Nazi's rose to power before World War II now you know! Islamic radicals are modern-day Nazis, we have no Churchill to take the lead instead we have Chamberlain...

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