Thursday, February 12, 2015

Guess Where These Illegal Aliens Were Captured Sneaking Into the US?

Look at them. Look and see how brazen they are no thanks to obama ringing the amnesty bell! It doesn't matter where, be it on the border close to American towns, in the middle of no where or as Breitbart Texas reports on US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) property in Laredo Texas, illegals continue sneaking into the US. Why not right, it's not like they will be deported. No, instead they will money, food, medical care, free education, etc all courtesy of YOU!

How many illegals entering the US:
- today?
- will work the system to steal tax dollars, social services etc from Americans who paid into the system?
- will receive free healthcare while Americans under barackobamacare still cannot afford proper healthcare?
- will send their children into the education system taking resources away from our children?
- are carrying measles, TB, or some other communicable disease?
- are from the middle east?
- are carrying weapons, explosives or have literally weaponized their body into a biological weapon with a highly contagious disease?

While you think about these questions keep in mind these illegals under obamnesty are entitled to tax refunds for work they never did. In other words when you pay your taxes, your hard earned money will literally being going right into the pockets of illegals who will take advantage of a tax credit loophole.

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