Thursday, February 12, 2015

This is Your president America!

The Office of the President of the United States has been completely eviscerated by this man. Forget about how you feel watching this knowing the world is on fire, millions of people are out of work, living in poverty, race relations set back 30-40 years etc. Think about how Putin, Iranians, ISIS, al Qaeda all our enemies around the world and our allies feel about this guy?! Could you imagine Pres Reagan doing this?! Obama has made the US a complete laughing stock globally. We are no longer feared by our enemies nor respected by our allies (few remaining).

Americans do not want to hear about how this was just clip made for an interview, he was just having some fun etc. Sorry this vid took time to make, time that could have been spent dealing with serious problems facing this country and the world. Obama has set precedent that he has to have fun doing his job and making a mockery of the office he represents. From this BuzzFeed interview to being interviewed by that mess GloZell (who rolled around in a bathtub filled with milk and cereal proceeding to eat it (bleh!)) it's all about him, having fun, being "hip" to appeal to the youth. Sorry the American people are not interested in having a reality star, comic etc running the country let alone access to the codes for our nuclear arsenal! We need an adult with legitimate experience to be President. We also need adults delegated by the people to run this country and serve in the military who will realize action must be taken if the "one" gets out of control!

Obama is a compete and utter disgrace who has taken a wrecking ball to this country while bringing the world down with us. He is our Nero playing golf, screwing around making silly videos as the world burns...

(BTW with the amount of taxes we are paying someone at the White House should make sure the mirrors are cleaned!)

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