Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dem Sen Makes Outlandish Claim Blaming US For Creation of Islamic State

"Put simply ISIL in its current form would not exist if we had not put massive ground troops into the region in the first place. Our presence in Iraq, our mishandling of the occupation became bulletin board material for terrorist recruiters..."

Sooo "extremists" (yep he jumped on the lump them all together bandwagon) are like flatworms where you think you killed one and now you have two?! Killing them makes them stronger?! Uh huh... what should we do Congressmen, have a sit down with these killers and ask them to leave us alone? For the record this fight between islamic extremists and the US started in the 18th century. What is the correct tool or tactic to use to stop a bunch of monsters hell-bent on world domination who haven't stopped close to 1000 years?

Dem Sen Murphy like a good progressive covers himself saying the US and our troops are not responsible for the evil ideology yet a minute before he was clear to blame the US for the rise of ISIL following the "invasion" and "occupation" of Iraq. This blame Bush thing is so old especially when dems get creative not using his name but still suggest it. Dems were all on-board with taking Saddam out and hitting other locations islamic terrorists have infested but will never admit their policies restrict our military from doing what they are trained to do, to kill the enemy. No no our trained killers have to fight nice and then get involved with nation building vs wiping all the islamic extremists out and coming home!

I think it's safe to say this guy has flatworms in his head!

(Side note: Curious choice he uses to ID them. Does Murphy mean it or does he use ISIL in manner obama does to dismiss them?).

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