Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Kelly File: State Dept Gave Order for Marines at US Embassy Yemen to Disarm

What kind of pure insanity is this? Why aren't Generals speaking out, or do they live in fear of being removed?

The regimes State Dept more or less had US Marines violate their oath and their very duty by disarming (as the US embassy in Yemen was evacuated) to respect the customs of a country who has no respect for the US.

Under obama's failed foreign policy the US is being chased out of countries Iran has influence in. The perception this gives to middle easterners is weakness on Americas part that they will capitalize off of. The entire middle east is becoming completely destabilized ever since obama came to power. He has diminished the US's power and influence making the world a much more dangerous place. It would be different if there were other nations in play to lead but there are no other superpowers in place anymore. If America is gone who will step up Russia, China?!

This is what fundamental transformation looks like...

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