Friday, February 13, 2015

ISIS Closing in on US Troops in Iraq

ISIS has taken the city of al-Baghdadi and is approximately 10 miles away from the al-Asad air base where 300+ US Marines are currently training Iraqi forces. ISIS attempted to attack the base by sending in infiltrators dressed in Iraqi uniforms but failed, and you should know our Marines were not within the area that was attacked. The base is not surrounded or overrun as many outlets have claimed over the last 24-36 hours. You should also know reports went out earlier today the US gunship helicopters were deployed to the region.

I have been quite annoyed with the coverage and narrative being painted, incl from Fox, on whether or not our troops (Marines) will be able to handle a full on attack. First let's address Fox; in this clip they post across the bottom of the screen "Can U.S. Troops Overseas Fight ISIS If Attacked?" Well of course they can!

ISIS has yet to go up against a true formidable military force like the US. All the other military forces they have engaged the US has either already stomped a mud-hole in or pose no challenge to begin with. Second lets make it clear these US troops are United States Marines, they aren't weekend warriors who got called up to serve from their desk job. Three, take a look at the Anbar Province/region, it's wide open ISIS has no where to hide from US Marines who are ALL trained marksman; if IS even gets that close! That's the first thing you learn in the Corps is how to shoot straight and be lethal! Fourth, as stated earlier helicopter gunships have been deployed and you can be sure US fighters, bombers and aerial combat platforms like Specter C-130 gunships will be able to provide plenty of support. Guerrilla fighters (ISIS) don't have much up against a superior military force in the open. If we're talking a fight in the jungle, woods, villages and towns with plenty of places to hide that's one thing. But ISIS is coming to them across a desert, they are target practice!

As for the rest of the media, news sites and blogs stirring the pot creating a panic over this news SHAME ON EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! Does getting ratings and hits supersede getting the facts out? How dare you even suggest our military is inferior to these lowlifes! As much as we all dislike the obama regime there is no way 300 Marines would be left on their own to defend themselves against ISIS, this would not be another Benghazi. You can be sure when and if ISIS attacks they will be pummeled into the sand!

It would be wise for people to think twice when you see "reports" out where claims are made that our military is under attack or surrounded by this death cult. Trust but verify, is a "policy" STR tends to follow to avoid misinformation or jumping the gun. Mistakes are sometimes made but most of the time STR will sit on a story or video to make sure all the facts are in. So please keep that in mind when you choose who you get your info from.

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