Saturday, February 14, 2015

Pirro Rips Obama For Caring More About Taking Selfies Than National Security Threats

Judge Pirro ripped into obama's weak leadership and lack of strategy to defeat the islamic extremists, following her comments on the dangers 320 US Marines at al Asad Air Base face by ISIS.

Let's put something to rest right now for those who may have been living in a cave, obama doesn't have a strategy to defeat ISIS because he doesn't want to defeat ISIS. Actions speak louder than words, his actions are clear by doing as little as possible to give the impression he wants to defeat terrorists. But then we have to pay attention to his words or lack of, where he won't even identify the enemy by name lumping them together with all his political enemies! Listen to the grocery list of bullet points Pirro goes through, does that sound like the someone who is Commander-in-Chief? This guy talks tough but has had to cut and run in Libya, Syria and Yemen because he is not a serious leader. Obama is more concerned about his image being the president who needed the war and brought universal healthcare. The world is on fire right now, Americas national security is on the line but he is more concerned about playing golf and taking selfies!

It is mind-boggling how the US military remains loyal to obama knowing every time they go to battle he sends them out tying both their hands behind their backs. The world is a more dangerous place because the US is no longer looked upon as a leader. Terrorists and our enemies know this and the capitalize off it everyday. Sooner than later the US is going to get hit because of obama.

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