Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lt Col Shaffer: WH Released Iraq Assault Plans for Political Reasons, Military Morale "Horrible"

The US military has been completely neutered by obama at this point. Those attacking Rudy Giuliani how much more proof do you need to see how anti-American obama is when he torpedoes the military, cuts funding, and telegraphs plans? It shouldn't be surprising moral in the military is down and it's dangerous. Obama and the NSC (National Security Council) are cutting loose all seasoned, experienced generals (that are a threat to obama's agenda to bow down to radical islam) who know better and how to fight.

The regime puts out propaganda that everything is sunshine and rainbows while we have guys like Lt Col Shaffer who have the inside track making it clear everything sucks!

Advertising plans to hit Mosul is not going to scare ISIS as the Lt Col spells out. As a matter of fact it is going to be a blood bath on both sides. When the dust settles ISIS will still be deeply embedded in the region. Listen to Shaffer again he said IS has new IED's that have never been seen before showing up. What do you think is going to happen when you tell the enemy when you're going to hit, knowing they have new IED's and God only knows other weaponry?!

FYI ISIS isn't hiding, the execution video of 21 Christians in Libya was a message from them saying here we are come get us. They want to fight the US and everyone else. Their goal as previously reported is to bring end times and full on apocalypse!

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