Sunday, February 22, 2015

12 Year Old Black Middle Schooler Backs Mayor Giuliani Calls Obama Out for Being Anti-American

So is 12 year old CJ Pearson a racist now like Rudy Giuliani for telling the truth? For over 6 years we "right wingers" (now deemed domestic terrorists) have been questioning obama's love/ loyalty to America based on absolute facts. Obama's parents, grandparents, mentor all communists. Obama by his own admission associated himself with some of the most radical and in some cases dangerous people in the country (Frank Marshall Davis, Bill Ayers, Rev Wright, Rashid Khalidi, Van Jones etc). The man didn't grow up in the US there are clear cultural differences not to mention everyone around him was anti-American with marxist communist background/ influence!

(yea, chalk another one up for Beck being right!)

And anytime anyone from the evil right brought any of this up we were vehemently attacked, called every name in the book including a racist for questioning this mans loyalty to the US.

That said you leftists, you progressives out there by your track record and logic MUST vehemently attack and destroy this 12 year old as you have done to any other American who has spoken out against obama. Do it.. don't be a bunch of hypocrites because a child now speaks out against your messiah his language is exactly like Giuliani and Beck's.

You progs can sugarcoat it all you want, but obama doesn't like the US. This is also the same guy who said the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties...

If you love your significant other do you tell them you want to fundamentally transform them? If you love your country why would you promise on the eve of your election to fundamentally transform it? Who does that? Please leftists produce facts to support that you can love something so much you want to completely change it and no that doesn't mean telling your loved one who is overweight they need to lose a few pounds or to go ahead and have plastic surgery on something they don't like about themselves. "I love this house but I am going to completely gut it to the frame and remodel it"?!

CJ like Rudy Giuliani is 100% correct and it's about time more Americans finally wake up to the danger obama is bringing on this country and the world. Everything obama touches turns to crap from the economy to foreign policy.


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