Monday, February 23, 2015

Time to Rethink Gun Free Zones After DHS Sec Says "Be Careful" Shopping at Mall of America

"Be careful", that's it, that's all DHS Sec Jeh Johnson has to say about a potential attack in the US. With the threat against the Mall of America by al Shabaab...

...isn't it about time to rethink if we need gun free zones? Whether it is mass killers or terrorists have you noticed they tend to strike at places designed gun free zones?!

Do we have to see a repeat of the Kenyan Westgate mall attack on US soil for people to wake up? Don't expect liberals to have a change of heart on gun laws who have fallen victim or could be victims; they wholeheartedly do not want people to have the ability to defend themselves. As a matter of fact they use mass killings and terror attacks as examples why we need more gun laws! Bring up illegal gun running into the US from both borders and liberals will attack you being a bigot hating on those poor undocumented immigrants just trying to better themselves! Yes, libs are certifiably insane but that is what they will do or blame the drug war and of course Bush.

This threat whether credible or not should be a wake up call that people have a God-given/ natural right to protect themselves. What person or organization has the right to tell any of us we do not have the right to arm and protect ourselves, family and protection. The Founding Fathers figured it out 230+ years ago, they couldn't have been any more clear with how simple they wrote the Second Amendment. It means what it says "right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". You have a right to be armed and no authority or govt can infringe on that right. There is also nothing in the Second Amendment saying your right to bear arms only applies to your home.

The police, DHS, military are not... ARE NOT first responders in a time of crisis, we the people are. The police and feds are second responders they come after SHTF. States where it is legal to carry and citizens are not put through the regulatory meat grinder have low crime rates, you never hear about terror threats or lone wolf attacks happening in placing where citizens are allowed to carry weapons. (The monster in Moore OK was shot by a reserve deputy sheriff so libs don't even try to suggest it was a civilian). Disarming Americans as this world gets more dangerous by the day is irresponsible and a dereliction of duty by elected leaders.

Maybe we need a terror attack in a gun free zone and then have victims sue the property owners, town/city and state to get the hint? Unfortunately 99% of the time we have to have bad things happen with massive expensive lawsuits to follow for change to occur. Worst off many times when that happens libs get their way with more regs and restrictive laws. Maybe that is exactly what you need though America a good swift kick in the ass and then the libs come in to take more rights away for you to learn your lesson!

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