Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mark Levin: Obama Patsy for Islamic Terrorism Like Chamberlain Was Patsy for Third Reich

The Great One hammered away on obama supporting Rudy Giuliani's charge that the emperor does not love America. Levin from the top of his head went through a list of bullet points that prove obama has absolute contempt for the US. Obama doesn't think the US is an exceptional country: he promised to fundamentally transform it (if you love something you do promise to fundamentally change it!), bashes capitalism(his parents, grandparents and mentor were all communists), trashes Christianity (student of Rev Wright's Black Liberation Theology and praised his knowledge in islam), has clear contempt for the military etc. How much more proof do people need to see the danger this man poses to the US but also the world!?

Did Mark Levin cross the line saying obama is a patsy for islamic terrorism? No. The emperor has become a defender of radical islam solely on the fact he will not identify them by name! What has he done to stop them? Some drone and air strikes? So what, they are few and far compared to the amount hell the US brought on against al Qaeda and the taliban prior to him seizing power under a pack of lies! The action obama is doing now, that libs will say he is fighting terrorism, is the minimal amount of work to save face giving the impression he cares.

ISIS is growing by the day no thanks to obama, he is like Chamberlain who was a patsy for the Third Reich. If any other dem was president they would have taken the lead to stop these monsters from any attempt to start end times! You might not believe that and the same for majority of people around the world but ISIS believes it and they are acting on it! You want to know what it was like before WW2, your seeing it while you have a front row seat to WW3!

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