Thursday, February 19, 2015

Obama: Notion That the West is at War With Islam is an Ugly Lie

Every single time this guy speaks it makes blood shoot out of your eyeballs! No one said the West is at war with islam BUT the West is at war with radical islam whether this guy wants to admit it or not (and we have been for a long time). All the other nations who have fallen victim to radical islam are on board with this notion but not the US. There is no complicated history between the middle east and the west, radical islam has been trying to create a global caliphate since the 7th century. Their fight with the US started in the 18th century when the Barbary Pirates attacked American ships leading to the Barbary Wars. Where do you think the lines "... to the shores of Tripoli.." came from in the US Marines battle hymn?!

(Side note: do you now understand why those 21 Christians were executed on the beach in Libya?!)

No, our imperial emperor continues to change the language, the conversations, history and and how we define our enemies to suit his apologist islamist anti-American agenda. Changing our conversations, history... that sounds familiar doesn't it?

Is it a coincidence he is changing our language, how we define our enemies etc? No. There are no coincidences only illusions of coincidence. Everything that is playing out is by design, what that final product is no one knows but one of its clear goals is to produce a weakened America. Thank those who voted for obama, those who didn't vote in 2012, Congress and our neutered military with no backbone to do what is necessary to stop this radical occupying the presidency.

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