Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Megyn Kelly Battles Rep Gutierrez on Judge Halting Executive Amnesty

This SOCIALIST Luis Gutierrez dodged Megyn Kelly at every opportunity justifying illegal aliens entering the US. Kelly called Gutierrez out on his charge from earlier in the day saying hispanics would get "militant" by rallying to remove republicans from office in 2016 after US District Judge halted obama's executive amnesty. Even though he played it off deflecting and attacking the Judge and republicans we know from past community organizing Gutierrez and progressives will stage aggressive intimidating protests crying racism at the first opportunity to get their way.

This guy loves to lie, those children he repeatedly invoked as his justification to violate the rule of law coming across the border were few and far and you should know the average age of these poor little children was 17!

As for violating the rule of law which obama himself admitted he didn't have the power to do 22 times Gutierrez wanted no part of that argument with Kelly. He pulled the poor me let me speak angle suggesting he and Kelly could have a long discussion on the issue if she would let him grandstand which Megyn wanted no part of demanding an answer to her question.

Rep Gutierrez a closet communist IMO is a master in communication and Alinsky tactics. This interview is a perfect teaching tool for people to see how radicals will deflect on an issue they are dead wrong about and attack their opposition.

BTW what the F is with the squinty eyes thing this miserable SOB always does?

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