Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sen Ted Cruz: Obama Admin is Counterfeiting Immigration Documents

While many are thrilled that obama's illegal amnesty has been halted by US District Judge you can be sure Eric Holder, DHS Sec Jeh Johnson, Sen Schumer, Rep Gutierrez and many other progressives have a plan 'B'. They are all a bunch of attorneys they may be arrogant but they aren't dumb. For months obama has said he doesn't have the legal authority to grant amnesty and then he just did it.. why? The regime advisers and attorneys know the same law this judge knows surely they anticipated this ruling?! Obama stated today he stands by his decision and that he acted within the law.

For this regime to be so confident in this move to go as far as "counterfeiting immigration documents" (printing work visas) it leaves you wondering what are we missing? No sorry, something is not right here, if we've learned anything about these monsters they always have a back-up plan.

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