Tuesday, February 17, 2015

State Dept SpokesIDIOT: 'We Cannot Kill' ISIS, Give Them Jobs

Marie Harf congratulations you are the 2015 winner of The Galactically Stupid Person of the Year Award!! SpokesIDIOT doesn't even begin to describe this certified waste of flesh. Hell calling her stupid is an insult to stupid people! What is even worse is how she sits there with a straight face saying this insanity expecting the American people to buy it. This is how stupid this regime thinks the American people are!

The US and its allies did just fine KILLING Germans and Japanese on our way to victory! Imagine if people said "we cannot kill our way out of this war" during WW2, we would all be speaking German!

ISIS doesn't want jobs they don't need anyone counseling them on how to raise their self esteem. These monsters live by 7th century doctrine and would be quite happy if everyone lived in a hut praying to allah 5 times a day. Money, success, prosperity CAPITALISM etc are things many of these monsters WALKED AWAY FROM to kill in the name of islam! It's amusing to hear a member of the imperial regime which is anti-capitalism calling for it as a remedy. These 17 year olds are drawn to pick up an AK-47 and kill under the promises that 72 virgins await them in paradise!

The question we all should be asking is who wrote these talking points for this idiot to regurgitate on air. Harf has demonstrated time and again she lacks the intelligence of an amoeba, so who told her to say this? You can be sure it is the same person who told Josh Earnest to call the 21 Christians who were beheaded citizens. Was it obama or Sub-President Jarrett? Hmm... since he is busy campaigning and playing golf 24/7 it's safe for us to assume it was probably Jarrett!

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