Monday, February 16, 2015

Ollie North: Obama Admin Refused to Give Egypt & Jordan Intel on ISIS Targets

How much more proof do people need to hear that obama is clearly protecting radical islam? This regime will not identify ISIS as islamic terrorist when they commit atrocities. It will not identify the Egyptian who have fallen victim to ISIS barbarism who are Christians but instead chooses to call them citizens! And now we learn from Ollie North that Egypt and Jordan were denied intel on ISIS targets by the obama admin.

Everything the imperial empire is doing is to protect radical islam. There is no other conclusion to come to when all the facts are laid out. At every corner obama and his ilk make excuses, trivialize terrorists calling them insurgents or ideologues while refusing to take the lead to destroy them let alone give aid (intel weapons etc) to those nations and people (Kurds) who are in the fight.

North is correct, the barbarians are at the gates, obama is handing them the keys to get in and they will slaughter er everyone in their path.

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