Wednesday, March 25, 2015

American Patriots Run Illegal Amnesty Pushing Dem Out of His Own Town Hall Meeting

What you are witnessing here folks is the pressure on the powder keg getting close to busting. You are also witnessing progressives getting a dose of their own medicine!

First off HOW DARE Luis Gutierrez hold a town hall meeting entirely in spanish! Sorry if I were there I would not believe what was being translated was what the little certified socialist was saying. Next to you notice how many cops were on scene? Why were they there in the first place? Because these progressives pushing obamas illegal executive amnesty are looking to start a fight for the cameras. Thankfully that didn't happen because the little sh*t couldn't handle being shouted down and got out there very quickly. The drone militants attending to see the jerk must have been in shock to have their "Si Se Puede" (Yes we Can) chant shutdown by USA USA chants!

Pundits on each side of the aisle are arguing whether exec amnesty is legal or not, here's the law for dummies explanation. The Executive Branch cannot make laws only the Legislative Branch has that power. Obama cannot make laws or policy that empower agencies under the Executive Branch that will have a negative effect on the nations economy laws etc. DHS is under the Executive Branch so his majesty is walking a fine line stretching his power. Fact is he cannot do it and the courts not under his thumb will rule against him; Supreme Court has already ruled once against him. (Now you understand why he is stacking courts with progressive judges while Reid ran the Senate!)

Anyway consider this a small victory in our fight against the amnesty crowd especially Luis Gutierrez who played a major role in obama using his magic pen!

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