Wednesday, March 29, 2017

MA Democrat State Rep Warned Illegal Immigrants of ICE Raids

Massachusetts democrat state rep Michelle DuBois took it upon herself to warn illegal alien criminals of impending ICE raids on her Facebook page.

Take note she added an update suggesting she's helping ICE. Uh heh... That's because what you have here boys and girls is a clear violation of federal law by an elected leader who is/was clearly aiding and abetting illegal aliens.

To make matters worse, and a direct slap in the face to everyone, this unindicted felon is using her Facebook page to raise funds (probably really for future legal defense).

Mass Sheriff Hodgson has it right, DuBois should be in jail! It is time for the DOJ to step up their game and start arresting ANYONE who is aiding and harboring illegal aliens. We have laws in this country that we're all expected to follow. It is a dangerous precedent for lawmakers to pick and choose what laws they want to follow which must be squashed quickly. If Atty Gen Sessions is not prepared or willing to arrest people like DuBois then he should resign!

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