Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dept of Education Funding Islam Indoctrination Program in Public Schools

This segment might clue us in as to one of the many reasons why democrats went nuts when Betsy Devos was named Sec of Dept of Edu. Are the schools who are indoctrinating children about islam also teaching Christianity and Judaism? Don't answer that we all know the answer. The better question to ask is WHY do school administrators feel the need to force islam on children!? The next question, just as important, does Donald Trump know about this "Access Islam" program?

The fact that Trump is POTUS and the GOP is holding a majority in Congress and state legislatures hasn't stopped leftists from forcing their agenda through. The left is doing everything possible to mainstream islam through propaganda like that explained in this clip. It is a clear example of propaganda and indoctrination that must be stopped. If we don't hear the Trump admin address this soon we should organize to melt the White House and Capitol's phones lines. Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on indoctrinating kids on any religion.

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