Thursday, March 5, 2015

"Hands Up Don't Shoot" Proven Lie, Holder Admits No Evidence of Racism to Charge Darren Wilson

DOJ ruled:
Ofc Darren Wilson's account of what happened is credible, initial "witnesses" saying otherwise not credible.
Michael Brown in fact attacked Ofc Wilson
Michael Brown did not have his hands up, did not say don't shoot and charged Ofc Wilson.

This is the DOJ the one who launched a witch hunt against Wilson now admitting everything said was a lie!

The only racists to come out of the Ferguson case are Holder, Sharpton, the majority of the media and obama for immediately taking sides assuming Ofc Wilson was a bad cop, a racist out looking for someone to execute (as some alleged) for the fun of it.

First things first, let's get something straight. If the majority of a community (2/3) is made up of purple people and purple people are the ones committing crimes and being arrested there is NO RACISM. Now that may be very hard for some of you out there to accept but no one cares what you think, facts are facts numbers don't lie.

The initial reports Eric Holder refers to about motive behind the Ferguson shooting were all made by racists making up what they thought happened, telling a lie to make it a fact. This in itself is evil and should be a criminal act, but who are we going to get to file charges this DOJ!?

Michael Brown was a thug, a criminal who has been put on a pedestal as some innocent victim by hardened racists who just happened to make up senior level of the obama admin and the majority of the mainstream media. Yes there is racism in America but the majority of it is black on white racism! Al Sharpton is the chief perpetrator of black on white racism and for whatever reason NO ONE is calling him out. This decision by the DOJ headed by a black man who went on a witch hunt against a white man should be clear proof of how high up the black on white racism goes. If anyone should be filing a civil suit it should be Darren Wilson NOT the Brown family. Ofc Wilson should sue Dorian Johnson (Brown's accomplice whose lies really started all of this), Sharpton, Holder, DOJ and anyone else who jumped the gun and convicted Wilson based on the outright lies that have been spewed since this all started. Wilson's life has been destroyed because of LIES told by hardcore racists in the media, govt, Hollywood and sports. Who is going to help him restore his reputation and career? We can't call him a victim because he shot black man who had his hands up, oh wait no he didn't!

All the celebrities, talk-show dolts and athletes who jumped on the "Hands Up Don't Shoot" bandwagon now 100% proven lie should all issue formal apologies swearing to never to talk publicly on high-profile cases ever again until all the facts are out. If they do they should resign or be fired.. immediately. They should donate money for Ofc Wilson to get a fragment of his life back they helped destroy. Back to Sharpton he should obviously apologize on national tv but forced to resign immediately or be fired from MSNBC.

Speaking of MSNBC, Comcast stockholders get your heads out of your asses and demand a major shake up at NBC/MSNBC because this is a representation of YOU being an owner of the company. Or are you all a bunch of radical hardcore racists? Maybe it is about time to point the finger of blame for calling whites racist directly at you instead of your media outlet! Maybe Americans should know how many racists are stockholders of Comcast who sanctions divisive misleading information that has helped destroy 40 years of race relations? Here is a list of major institutional stockholders, do some digging America and you will get individual names. Shame all of them publicly they know whats going on, make them feel the pain people who have been affected by all of this have felt especially those who lost their businesses and livelihoods over the lies owners of this company helped perpetuate, enough is enough!

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