Monday, March 30, 2015

Judge Napolitano: Hillary Clinton Admitted to Destroying Evidence

America is this what yo want as your next President? A woman who like her husband thinks she is above the law? This witch and that is what she is (at the least) took it upon herself to determine what is and isn't important and then deleted OUR RECORDS! The server technically should have been handed over to the State Dept when she stepped down as Sec of State and the State Dept should have gone through and made the determination as to what to keep. This woman is incapable of being transparent with one scandal after another under her belt. Why is anyone in the DNC considering her to be their candidate for 2016. Oh and Hillary the Oval Office is not your birthright, your turn or anything of the like. The Office of the President of the United States is supposed to be a position held by the most qualified individual, not some hack who has no true accomplishments during their tenure in govt.

Sadly as Judge Napolitano points out this WITCH won't have to face any charges of obstruction or destruction of property because we have no one with the balls to charge her. The Atty General won't do anything and Congress completely neutered itself with obama, so there is no way they will take any criminal action against Clinton.

What yo have hear ladies and gentlemen is a perfect example of what happens when you sit back waiting for someone to come along to do something. Since that attitude runs rampant in this country dangerous precedents have been set. Watch and see the Clinton camp will go after the Bush admin as their defense. It should be pointed out Susan Rice and Colin Powell as Secs of State used their personal email too but they also had govt emails. They also didn't have personal email servers to conduct all their business that were conveniently wiped clean AFTER requests were made!

Sorry to say folks even if Gowdy and company get their hands on that server there will be no trace of tampering. Emails can be retrieved off hard droves after deletion but with the money the Clinton's have there won't be any trace of them let alone trace of someone cleaning it to that degree! You just witnessed a perfect example of someone getting away with murder! What murder? The four Americans who were left for dead in Benghazi to start!

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