Saturday, March 21, 2015

Judge Pirro Rips Obama Over Iran Nuke Deal Throwing Israel Under the Bus: Whose Side Are You On?

How does it feel America to know your "president" cares more about creating jobs and stimulating the Iranian economy than our own? Can someone explain why emperor obama thinks a nuclear deal with Iran will benefit them economically? Actually come to think of it it will because they'll be selling nuclear weapons to the highest bidder! Better question to ask why is obama so determined to get a deal done with Iran that will lead to them developing nuclear weapons. Sorry Barry not buying the lame excuse they are only interested in nuke development for energy. Thankfully Judge Pirro points this out as to why a nation rich in oil needs nuclear energy?! They don't everyone and their grandmother understand they have one goal which is weapons development to destroy Israel and light up a US city or two.

Do you know some are saying obama's interest in this Iranian nuke deal is for his legacy! What legacy the one that leaves Israel, other allies or a major US city glowing in the dark for the next 5000 years!? The Iranians cannot be trusted it's in their sick doctrine, as the Judge points out, under Taqiyya that it is okay to lie! Obama and Sub-Pres Jarrett know this but continue to push through this deal if you can even call it that. This "deal" is one-sided for sure as win win for Iranians and a loss for the rest of the world while the middle east will be forced into a nuclear arms race. "They are going to fight ISIS"... that maybe true but Iran wants Iraq and all the middle east as much as ISIS and they have the same end goal as those monsters too, so we lose either way! The last thin we need is for an arms race in the middle east with countries who will actually use said weapons since half of them believe you have to start the apocalypse to bring the return of their Mahdi (islam version of a messiah).

Congress better get off their butts and get serious with the danger obama is putting everyone in. Those of you in the military I will ask again what are you waiting for or do you care more about you rank, benefits and pension?!

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