Friday, March 20, 2015

Fed Judge Says DOJ Misled Him on Obama's Executive Amnesty

Oh gee what do you know attorneys from obama and Eric Holder's DOJ misled federal judge Andrew Hanen on a key part of his majesty's executive amnesty! Who didn't see this coming? The most transparent admin in history once again proves they are all nothing but a pack of liars just like obama. Do you now understand why obama is stacking the courts with radicals? It is to prevent judges like this one from going against the imperial emperor and locking in his radical agenda long after he is gone. The judicial system has been completely compromised America, the idea of getting a fair shake in the courts is being erased. People in this country better wake up to realize the danger we are in under this progressive radical occupying the oval office. That said people also better pray that all the conservative judges (federal & SCOTUS) stay healthy and do not retire between now and Jan 20th 2017!

If we had a competent Congress we wouldn't have to be so worried but this pack of losers sit back letting obama run loose violating the Constitution at every turn. The US is in distress and those charged with protecting the nation are no where to be found.

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