Saturday, March 28, 2015

Judge Pirro to Obama Why Are We Dancing With the Devil

The Judges open this week was more tame from her past fire and brimstone rants attacking the imperial emperor on his failures. This week she asks the question we all are asking why are "we" negotiating with the Iranians in the first place?! The same nation whose Supreme Leader is saying Death to America while Barry and company claim an agreement is coming on Iran's nuclear program. You heard right when Pirro said the agreement may not be in writing! Frankly it wouldn't matter if it a deal was sealed with a handshake or a signature because we know the Iranians will not live up to it. They already will not let inspectors in, does anyone think they will all of sudden have a change of heart welcoming inspectors into their development centers deep in underground bunkers?

Why does a nation rich in oil need nuclear energy? That is a question no one from the obama regime will ever answer because they can't. The Iranians have one goal which is to enrich enough uranium to make bombs to take out Little Satan (Israel) and Big Satan (USA). It wouldn't be surprising if one day after they have developed their ICBM's our lights go off. Then with America completely paralyzed, sent back to the stone age after an EMP attack on out outdated power grid, Israel will be on its own. Some would argue they already are since obama has destroyed our friendship but it won't be surprising to hear about a nuke going off in Israel.

Judge Pirro didn't mention it but other Arab nations now want nukes of their own. If the Iranians are permitted to move forward there will be an arms race in the most unstable hostile area on the planet. And you know the moment some rogue leader comes to power they'll use nukes on their enemies! Imagine if Yemen had nukes right now with the chaos unfolding right now!

Point of my babble here is to show no good can come out of any nuclear development agreement with Iran. There is nothing in it for America or anyone really. There will be no jobs or an economic boom for young Iranians and like Pirro says the ICBM's they're developing aren't going to be used to deliver Khameneicare! This will be a win win for Iran getting their hands on the most deadly weapons know to man, putting the world on a dangerous course to self-destruction. Obama thinks making a deal will be part of his legacy. No. If this happens his legacy will be handing nuclear weapons over to the psycho mullahs who are looking to bring on the apocalypse!

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