Friday, March 13, 2015

Megyn Kelly Destroys the Media For Pushing Ferguson Lies "Enough is Enough!"

All you progressives out there in the crap media who helped cleric Sharpton push the Ferguson lies you do know you have blood on your hands!? Every single fire, piece of merchandise looted, business and innocent peoples livelihood ruined and now the lives of four cops shot and killed is because you have no morals, ethics and at this point one has to question if you even have a soul! This also goes for those in Congress, more specifically the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus), the obama admin (all of them at this point), celebrities and athletes. The racial division and this war now being waged against the police is because of all of you! Black Lives Matter!? What about Blue Lives Matter or better yet ALL Lives Matter?!

One can only imagine the contempt you all must have for Megyn Kelly as she destroys you for the propaganda you push day after day on the American people. It must make you insane knowing that with each day the lies continue, instead of an apology with a promise to to go back to being honest journalists or stay neutral, you lose viewers and supporters. This clip among countless others is proof why you racists, that is what you are, are so hated by the majority of Americans.

Someday the people of this country are going to get out of the funk they're in and it will be a day you will regret.

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