Thursday, March 12, 2015

Kelly File: Obama to End Run Congress on Iran Nuke Deal by Running to UN

Obama as warned is a dictator unleashed since the 2014 elections. He and John Kerry are doing everything possible to keep Congress out of the nuclear negotiations deal with Iran. Since this deal is not deemed a treaty he doesn't have to go through Congress. Congress fires back saying fine it's not binding and the next president can reverse the deal. So what does the progressive aka patient communist do? He is now trying to run this nuke deal with Iran through the UN because international law will trump American/ Constitutional law.

This man and every single member of his admin is completely out of control. We are truly in a Constitutional crisis that as of now it appears there is no way to correct. Congress has and continues to be irrelevant because they chose time and again to do nothing about obama's power grabs. Anyone even remotely suggests an Article V Convention they are dismissed, the idea is called crazy (regardless that Founders designed it to stop this very insanity) As a result this is what we are going to get a bad nuke deal with a country who is hell-bent on destroying Israel and the US.

You've heard it a million times here you're going to hear it again: WHEN Iran enriches enough weaponized nuclear material (uranium) for a bomb they are going to use it. There will not be a show of power demonstration by setting the bomb off in the desert. They will take the risk of building an untested bomb that can be easily transported by car/ truck and delivering it to a target city, detonating it through one of their proxies.

Never mind those ICBM's the Iranians are building either, you do know their sole purpose is to deliver a nuclear weapon over a long distance beyond Israel or Europe?! Those missiles are being developed to be launched at the US most likely for an EMP attack which will send the US back to the stone age.

Obama must be stopped. He cannot be allowed to constantly end run Congress especially on this Iran nuke deal by running to the UN. Not only will it put the US, Israel and our few remaining allies in danger, but it will start off a new nuclear arms race in the middle east. The last thing we need is some of the most unstable nations on the planet in possession of nuclear weapons. Those of you in brass the Constitution you swore an oath to uphold is being decimated. The Country you swore to protect is being systematically destroyed. What in the hell are you waiting for?

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