Thursday, March 12, 2015

Does Atty Gen Holder have balls or what!?! No doubt the attempted murder of 2 Ferguson police officers was an ambush by a 'damn punk' but who is responsible for the situation getting this hot? Pot meet kettle!

The only reason Ferguson is a powder keg on the verge of blowing wide open in a full on war between domestic terrorists (aka protesters) and cops is directly because of him, Sharpton, the crap media and obama who have thrown gasoline on the fire. It's just astonishing how Holder can make this statement when we all know he is partly responsible. To those of you in the press present at this speech SHAME ON YOU for not calling him out.

Thankfully both officers have been released from the hospital; one suffered a hit to the shoulder that went clean through and the other shot in the face, still has the bullet lodged behind his ear! To the POS that took the shots YOU SUCK and are a lousy aim. Cops will hunt you down and hopefully put you down!

Citizens of Ferguson you need to take you city back from the monsters infiltrating it trying to start a race war or whatever it is they're trying to do. You need to out those involved with acts of violence and let anyone in the media trying to report the truth know whether or not those attending protests are local or not. We know the don Soros is funding groups to create unrest but we need names and info to tie them directly to any group he has funded to stir the pot. Whatever you do refrain from lashing out, a mass riot and true violence that would dwarf what happened last summer is what the power elite want. Don't give obama, Holder Soros and the race hustlers the satisfaction.

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