Thursday, March 12, 2015

Watch as Shots Rang Out at Ferguson Protest Where 2 Police Officers Were Hit

"Hands Up Don't Shoot" a PROVEN LIE perpetrated by the mainstream CRAP media and "civil rights activists" has now resulted in one cop being shot in the shoulder and the second in the face! Both officers are reported to be conscious but in serious condition while the individual(s) who attempted to kill these police officers remains at large.

Protests in Ferguson continue even though Darren Wilson resigned on his own and the Police Chief has resigned who was the 6th official in the city to do so. Fox News contributor and fmr DC homicide investigator Rod Wheeler asked during an overnight live broadcast "what more do the protesters want?" The answer at this point is clear as day, they want blood and dead cops because that is "justice" in their minds. The same justice certain racists who claim to be civil rights activists have brainwashed them to think. These are not protesters when they block roads, burn and loot businesses, terrorize innocent citizens of the community and shoot at police.. they are by the definition domestic terrorists...

Yes the civil rights activist we are talking about most directly responsible is Al Sharpton. He has made himself the center of the Mike Brown shooting as well as other high profile race related cases to get rich off the victims and their families. When the truth comes out, as it did from the DOJ, this disgusting excuse of a human being remained silent. Disgustingly he wasn't alone as the CRAP MEDIA who joined him pushing what we now know are outright LIES as well as other radicals have never issued an apology!

That said let's make it absolutely clear, this shooting as well as the two NYPD officers who were assassinated in New York City are primarily because of Al Sharpton but also violent rhetoric from the Black Panthers, Eric Holder, the progressive media, Congressional Black Caucus (as well as other members of Congress) and emperor obama. All these people have done nothing but set race relations back 40 years and make police officers (law enforcement) coast-to-coast targets for the mindless drones who listen to these certified racists. Someone must take the lead publicly calling them out and make them take responsibility for these acts of violence.

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