Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Judge Pirro: No Question Clinton Violent State Dept Rules, 'There is a Conspiracy Here, End of Story'

Hitlary continues to dig herself a deep hole as legal experts, like Judge Pirro, are weighing in making it clear Clinton has violated federal rules and laws. But what are rules and the law to elitist scum like the Clinton's or their ilk? People like this who have been in govt for far too long think they are royalty, thus Hillary and even Jeb Bush think 2016 is "their turn" to be POTUS.

With a scandal like this it's clear why there is a dirtbag in the DOJ like Eric Holder vs someone like Judge Pirro. The Judge told Hannity she would subpoena Clinton for her server because "we are entitled to see" the records on the server. You see Hillary doesn't understand or should we say refuses to acknowledge that she was an employee of the American people which means the govt business she conducted on her server belongs to the people. This witch thinks she owns the emails, documents and God knows what on the server where she will dictate what we can and cannot see.

Pirro also raises a good question as to where are the emails between Clinton and her aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills since they didn't have .gov emails either! Because of that as defense attorney Robert Bianchi points out the emails never went through the govt servers to be archived. Did they use Clinton's or do they too have personal servers?! This is a mess and the reason it's being covered here is to show how out of control this govt and those inside the Beltway have become.

Said it here many times, "we" fought a revolution to free ourselves from one dictator and now we have a 535++ kings, queens and self-appointed dictators. Something must be done to bring order to our chaos, but who? Congress is irrelevant and clearly 50% part of the problem. The military has allowed itself to be neutered by a pack of worthless bureaucrats in the name of protecting benefits and pensions. Talk of an Article V Convention of the States gets everyone's panties in a wad so what are we the People supposed to do?!

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