Monday, March 16, 2015

MO Lt Gov Blames Holder "On Many Occasions" For Inciting Ferguson Mob

There should be no doubt Eric Holder incited the Ferguson mobs that have practically waged war against the police in Missouri but also across the country. Lt Gov Kinder should have also included Al Sharpton, the media and of course obama because they all have stoked the racial fires over now proven lies. None of these individuals to date have apologized for lying and the destruction their lies have brought on the country... don't expect one either.

The fact there has been no apologies is proof these progressives are looking for any catalyst to start a race war in this country. They have jumped on every single "white on black" crime misleading the public which has divided and set race relations in this country back 30-40 years. In almost all of the high profile cases now the truth turns out it ws "black on white" and the race hustlers go silent waiting for next opportunity.

There is racism in America... but its against white people! The left at every opportunity attacks white people blaming them for all the nations problems from the inner cities controlled by elected black leaders to various agents of progressive movement shaming people for "white privilege" and of course members of the regime pointing the finger of blame. To even speak of this I will probably be called a racist so be it I don't care. Those who are afraid of the truth are the ones who quickly act to silence people like myself.

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