Monday, March 16, 2015

State Dept Propaganda Minister Triples Down, Refuses to Say Whether Clinton Signed Separation Agreement

March 12th, 13th, and now again today the State Dept's Propaganda Minister, Jen Psaki, refused to say whether or not Hillary signed OF-109 Separation Agreement.

It is not rocket science to answer a simple yes or no question which has made Fox's Megyn Kelly to moved forward on a FOIA request to see the document. (Watch clip 2 above in its entirety).

The fact that the State Dept has yet to produce this document should tell everyone Mrs Above the Law did it again! Clinton and her husband have repeatedly spit in the face of the rule of law and standard policies everyone else  has to adhere to, because they can. No one in this country seems to want to hold their feet to the fire and the Clinton's know this. According to Judge Napolitano and a few other legal experts by the book Hitlary was to hand EVERYTHING over to the State Dept where the govt would make the determination what is and isn't official. Instead, this self avowed early 20th century progressive (aligns herself with Sanger, Pres Wilson and the like) made the decision what is and isn't official to hand over.

This scandal matters, for those of you who say "who cares", because this woman who is the least transparent but clearly deceptive violating the law could be the next president!

Side note: You should know State Dept Propaganda Minister Jen Psaki got promoted to be the white house Communications Director. She will fit in perfectly since telling the truth and answering straight forward questions is a skill no one in the imperial regime is capable of.

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