Monday, March 23, 2015

Obama’s Chief of Staff to Anti-Bibi Group: Israel’s “Occupation That Has Lasted 50-Years Must End”

The obama regime is coming out now from behind their friendly mask to show the world their true anti-Semitic sentiment we all knew existed along with the hate they have for Bibi Netanyahu. The only people guilty of an occupation that has lasted 50 years are the Palestinians who decided to set up camp in Israel! Obama's Chief of Staff, Denis McDonough, needs a history lesson or two, there is no historical basis for anyone other that the Jews to lay claim to that region. The Jews have been there for 3800 years, 2000 of which before islam even existed! Try telling the French, English or Italians they have to give up land now because of the influx of muslim "immigrants" in their countries who claim territories within those countries have always been islamic! Absurd right? Then why is it okay for the same ridiculous claims to be made against Israel? Why are so many afraid of a nation that is about the size of New Jersey?

I highly recommend watching this vid from Denis Prager's Prager University on The Middle East Problem. Prager's historical breakdown is cut and dry so you know liberals and radical islamists hate it as much as they hate Israel. Facts are facts there was never an arab, muslim or Palestinian state but there has always been Jewish one...

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