Monday, March 23, 2015

WH Stands By Claim That Yemen is a Model For Success

Sorry did we miss something with all the reports coming out of Yemen? Once again obama has given the world the imagery of the US cutting and running but the Propaganda Minister stands by the claim Yemen is a model for success in foreign policy?!

What success? The embassy was evacuated along with all US personnel as the country is on the verge of civil war. Oh thats right it's a success for the obama/Clinton/Kerry/IRANIAN REGIME foreign policy! Or will ISIS take it over expanding the reach and territory for the caliphate they are re-constituting? Just wait boys and girls when this Arab Spring (obama threw a match on) finally spills over to the Saudis then you're going to see real fireworks fly! There was no success to stop threats to the west by anything this admin did in Yemen prior to this upheaval. Droning a few terror leaders only emboldened them for more attacks that will come to our shores.

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