Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fox Senior Political Analyst Warns Danger With Senate Flipping Treaty Process to Make Iran Deal

Aside from Mark Levin Brit Hume appears to be the only other person who truly comprehends the ramifications and danger this Corker Iran bill will have on the US Constitution.

My disgust with this govt is well documented here, but what this republican majority has been engaged with since the start of the year is treasonous towards the American people. At almost every turn they have violated promises and failed to do anything to stop emperor obama. As a matter of fact the actions they have been taking have only empowered him.

The fact that obama approves of this Senate bill (Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act), along with many other hardcore democrats should tell you there is major trouble on the horizon. Brit Hume is visibly concerned of what will happen down the road if things don't go as planned. For the record NOTHING has gone right since 2008!

If you are not up to speed on what has happened let me spell it out for you. The Senate has come up with a measure that has reversed the treaty ratification process to allow this Iran deal get Senate approval. Sen Corker and company have more of less made it impossible to stop obama or any other future president from entering into a treaty! Heres why, under Corkers Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act 60 votes are needed for approval, 67 votes would be required to override a presidential veto! This is the complete opposite of how a treaty, and this is what the Iran deal is, gets approved!

Please if you haven't listen to Mark Levin explain how the worst Congress in US history has once again ceded more power to the Executive Branch!

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