Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome to the United Police States of America: Man Grabbed and Detained by Police For Filming Them on Public Sidewalk

And cops wonder why there is so much tension between them and people.

With all the high profile cases going on you would think some cops would think before they act, right?! No.

The officer claims Jay Carattz is "interfering" with a police investigation, for filming initially from a distance and then simply walking by on a public sidewalk. You will see/ hear this excuse,"interfering" with a police investigation, used in countless encounters with cops who try to justify their tactics of intimidation against citizens within their legal right to film in public. Sorry but one cop in plain clothes talking to people sitting on a bench and another cop leaning on a truck doesn't look like an official active investigation (whether it was or not)... good luck in court officer when you're sued for violating Carattz's civil rights.

The only thing that is going to register in the heads of town/city mayors, law enforcement agencies and officers is massive expensive civil rights lawsuits followed with people losing their jobs. Those in positions of power have to understand they are not above the law, cannot make rules up as they go and a title and/or badge and gun do not give them free will to do as they please.

While I support police they, like our president and Congress, in general over the years have become completely out of control. It is very sad that a few bad cops have given all a bad rap but they should blame themselves for not policing each other. At what point does the code of honor, not turning on your "brother at arms" become nullified? How many senior officials have turned a blind eye to corrupt out of control cops and officials? Those of you in LE that see this and say nothing, making excuses why you're silent are as much a problem as bad cops. You're not a "rat" for outing bad cops, but you are in the eyes of citizens because you do nothing!

ht Bay Sate Examiner

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