Wednesday, April 1, 2015

WH Refuses to Condemn Reid Taking Victory Lap on CNN For Lying About Romney

Not surprising the imperial regimes Propaganda Minister has no problem with Dingy Reid outing himself as a liar on CNN. Reid willfully slandered Mitt Romney in 2012 claiming he was told by someone Romney hadn't paid his taxes for over 10 years. The crap media like good little soldiers ran with it instead of condemning this vile, evil, old bastard! Oddly the Washington Post came out calling it appalling but did you hear them or anyone in the MSM come out to condemn Reid 3 years ago? NO! They were all too busy trying to destroy Romney and help obama win a second term.

Even though the Constitution is regarded as a work of genius it has its flaws, one being Article 1 Sec 6 Clause 1. The Speech & Debate Clause allows these SOB's running the country into the ground to say whatever they want without fear of retribution. Yes, boys and girls it gives Congress the ability to in fact SLANDER American citizens if they choose.

"In order to enable and encourage a representative of the publick to discharge his publick trust with firmness and success, it is indispensably necessary, that he should enjoy the fullest liberty of speech, and that he should be protected from the resentment of every one, however powerful, to whom the exercise of that liberty may occasion offence." ~James Wilson

"Well Romney is a public figure so he is fair game." I don't care who it is, members of Congress should not be allowed to trash anyone outside of Congress or not holding political office. While I haven't read the Federalist Papers to see what the arguments were behind this besides being free speech, it's safe to assume the Founders intention for this clause was to allow Congress to speak their mind and if need be go at each other (those in office) not every one in the sense of ALL Americans!

If we had leadership that was competent they would have passed an Amendment by now to stop politicians from trashing private citizens even high profile citizens. This is just one more example of institutionalized evil signaling that this country needs a complete restart...

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