Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MSDNC: Obama Admin 'Is in Desperate Search for an Accomplishment' With Iran Deal

You know this Iran nuke deal is bad when you have the propagandists over on MSDNC taking shots at the regime. Correct me if I'm wrong but this is also an admission that obama has no accomplishments!

So since obama is such a complete and total failure his last shot at having some kind of legacy to leave the world is making a deal with the devil!? Obama already has a legacy for being the worst president in US history....
-He has set race relations back 40 years.
-He has doubled the national debt on unsustainable socialist programs.
-Turned Americans into second class citizens by leaving the border unsecure.
-Our healthcare system, considered the best in the world, was legislated into a death spiral.
-America's allies no longer trust us, and our enemies have been nothing but emboldened. The world because of him is a much more dangerous place and it's only going to get worse.
-Obama has taken a blowtorch to the Constitution and rule of law.
-The American people no longer trust Congress or have faith in the Supreme Court.

We're only touching the surface of the massive amount of damage that obamination has done to America and the world. He thinks a nuke deal which will result with the Iranians getting the bomb will be his legacy like Nixon's opening trade with China? It will start a new arms race with the most unstable part of the world among monsters who will actually use said weapons!

There isn't one deal this regime has engaged in that turned out well. The same regime that handed over 5 Taliban killers for an Army deserter is wheeling and dealing with a pack of psychopaths who chant "Death to America" daily! Everything the obama admin touched has gone straight to hell

God help the US and the world.

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