Monday, November 28, 2016

Ohio State Univ Attack Was a Terrorist Attack

At the Ohio State Univ press conference Police reported the suspect deliberately drove up the curb at Watts Hall striking people. The suspect then exited the vehicle and began striking people with a butchers knife. An officer responding to calls for help fired shots at the suspect killing him. These were the ONLY shots fired, this was NOT an active shooter event.

Police during the presser were clear that this attack was deliberate. The victims injuries are stabbings, lacerations and those one would expect from being hit by a car.

This attack has a terrorist signature all over it. As a matter of fact ISIS called for Nice-style/ vehicle style attacks and here it is! Islamic terrorists have used butchers knives in the past including in the UK when a soldier was beheaded and have called for knife attacks! Oh and the suspect... a 20 year old Somali!

If you are in the Columbus OH area it is critical to get the name of the attacker ASAP. The feds have a record of withholding names of attackers so they can scrub their social media when the attacker has a unique name especially when they're from Somalia. By the way how many attacks is that now on US soil by Somali "refugees"?

A thank you is in order. This attack is but one more reason why we need the border sealed and the extreme vetting Pres-Elect Trump is vowing to institute for national security.

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