Monday, December 5, 2016

American Univ Student Grilled For Wanting Trustee Fired For Meeting With Trump

Another example how twisted the college and university system has become. Do they actually teach anything anymore or is every major an excuse to brainwash and indoctrinate young minds seeking a higher education?!

Props to Carlson for having a segment every night, demonstrating how liberalism is truly a mental disorder. Only in their twisted world would they want someone, trustee in this case, fired for speaking to a republican, Trump. So what that trustee Gary Cohn works for Goldman Sachs, if he is qualified to be the Energy Secretary then so be it. Not everyone who works for GS is evil and destructive, which we know is what is driving the mentally challenged. The bank has been absolutely demonized by the fake news media so naturally the little snowflakes are upset. Cohn isn't solely responsible for tuition hikes, curious is this whiny baby is calling for all trustees and admin to be removed? Has he and the drones asked their professors to give up their 6 figure salaries? Start there kid then you can bitch!

What this CHILD actually demonstrates is that liberals/ progressives are in fact communists wanting to dictate who can and cannot speak and to whom, and where one can work! The leftist meltdown will be never-ending over the next 4 years. Conservatives, TEA Parry, republicans should expect things to get much worse, especially when Trump's policies are actually put in motion.

This powder keg is just building more and more pressure. Just wait until all the appointments are in place, then the SCOTUS appointments are made. It would not be a surprise to see leftists riot over obamacare being rolled back or when ground is broken to build the wall! Get ready folks it's going to be one wild ride!

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