Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Iran President Warns Trump Not to Break Nuclear Agreement

Iran is breaking the nuclear agreement as it is who the HELL is Rouhani to tell Trump what he can or cannot do!? The agreement was between the Iranians and the obama regime. It is more or less a treaty that was NEVER approved by the US Senate, so it is non-binding. On top of that, it was as bad of a deal as obamacare. The Iranians have not stopped moving forward with enriching nuclear material and building facilities. Kerry and obama just took them at their word with no inspections nothing! All this agreement appeared to do is give them back billions that is used against the US and restrict what any of the countries involved could do to the death cult nation.

Pres-Elect Trump should tear the deal up when he takes office, on air, before these psychopaths hand a weapon over to one of their proxies to set off and blame the US!

Even DEMOCRAT Sen Menendez understands how bad the nuke deal is...

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