Thursday, December 22, 2016

DREAMers Prepared to Fight to Stay in the US

DREAMers can't fight and scream all they want, fact remains they have no legal right to be in the US.

It's not Trump's, republicans, TEA Party activists, conservatives, American companies nor capitalism's fault that this girl's parents illegally entered the US with her. It is Solano Suarez' parents and the democrats who turned a blind eye encouraging illegals to enter the US for decades who should be blamed for putting her and other DREAMers in this position.

The law is law, none of the DREAMers or any other illegal alien in the US should be given special treatment and a pass to stay in the US. Nothing should be worked out because when you take away the sugar-coating it is rewarding bad behavior. Illegals shouldn't fear their families are being broken up by the US govt. The only ones breaking families up are the families themselves as there is no gun to their heads for some to stay as others are rightly thrown out!
This comment from the youtube page this video is posted made some great points:

I'm a white australian who has spent almost my entire life in the states and have a degree from one of the nations top universities, but never gained permanent legal status while on my visa, and when it expired, i left. no sympathy for me! the US is a land of rules, law and order and we should respect them. and by the way, you are not "undocumented," you are ILLEGAL. what makes you such a special snowflake that you can just flout the rules, while the rest of us obey and respect them? CNN always pushing the "poor PoC" agenda. sickening."

You want to be here fine, go to the back of the line like other families, LIKE MINE, who immigrated to the US legally. It's beyond insulting how these people think they are entitled to special treatment, including federal law written on their behalf, to stay here.


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