Thursday, December 8, 2016

Fake Journalist Who Lost Job at NBC Over Fake News, Criticizes Fake News

Does this Brian Williams have a set or what!? Whoooo! What a ride the next four years is going to be watching hypocrite leftists meltdown. This guy wrote the book on fake news, he was fired for it and now here he is criticizing it! WOW! Last time I checked most of the fake news was coming out of network news like NBC and of course MSNBC. Remember, they were the ones pushing polls saying Clinton would win. They said 90% of Americans want gun control. They said Benghazi was because of a video NO ONE saw. Shall I continue?

Big Bri, look around at all your colleagues in that newsroom, your counterparts in MSM and in the mirror, you're the ones pushing fake news.

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