Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Liberals Turning on Obama: He Destroyed the Democratic Party

The same dopes who put obama on a pedestal, treated him literally like the messiah are now whining he destroyed the democrat party. Why yes he did, but so did all of you! You democrats communists are so blinded with hate, you can't see that you too played a role in destroying your crap party! It's so entertaining to watch the democrats meltdown now transform into self-destruction!

Don't get me wrong the GOP did itself in too, but you dolts are doubling down with your insanity. By all means make Keith Ellison the head of the DNC, keep Pelosi, Hoyer, Schumer and co in power. Keep wrecking states like CA, CO, NY etc, drive them right into the ground. Continue pandering to illegals and "refugees", putting them ahead of Americans. Don't stop being you, get back to what you think you were before obama wrecked you so we can take those last remaining seats in DC and state legislatures.

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